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Bed leveling | SimplyPrint docs

Bed leveling

Normal bed leveling

Bed leveling is an important part of 3D printing. If you don’t keep it in check, it can trigger a lot of frustration when the print will no longer be stuck on the plate and it all ends up in a large pile of spaghetti. SimplyPrint offers an easy and elegant way to get through this process. By clicking on the gear in the upper right corner of your printer's map and selecting “Bed levelingor opening the control panel by clicking on the printer's card and finding the square icon in the upper right corner.

Bed leveling will open in a window with a button that says "Start bed leveling". When you click it, your printer will bring all the axes to their 0 positions and start heating. The printer should preferably be warm when performing the bed leveling as the metal in the hotend expands and therefore gets slightly longer when it is hot. The same goes for the plate on your printer as it can twist and expand when it warms up and therefore changes the height a bit.

When the printer reaches 185 degrees on the nozzle, it will pull the filament back slightly to prevent the printer from leaving plastic on the plate. When the printer reaches the final temperature specified by the filament or the temperature specified before bed leveling was started, the gray buttons below will be activated. These buttons correspond to the corners of your printer's plate. By clicking the buttons, the printer will lift its head and move it to the selected position. Here, the adjustment under the build platform can be used to adjust to the correct height. This is most easily done by inserting a piece of paper under the nozzle and moving it back and forth while turning the adjustment wheels until you feel the friction between the nozzle and the paper.

Mesh bed leveling

If you have a BL touch or other probing tool mounted on your printer, you can find an option under the gear -> edit printer called "Has probing tool". (If your printer came with a probing tool on already, this should be turned on by default). After it is turned on, there will be a section under "Bed leveling" called "Mesh bed leveling". Here you can start Bed leveling on your printer and after it has run for the first time, the data will be visible together with a visualization of how your printer's plate is shaped. When you start mesh bed leveling, the printer will only heat up the plate as the heat can deform the plate slightly and therefore have an effect on the end accuracy of the measurements.