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Camera never loads | SimplyPrint docs

Camera never loads

A good place to start is by checking if you can see the camera in OctoPrint. You can open OctoPrint by clicking on your printer's card and thus opening the control panel for your printer. Inside, a green "Go to OctoPrint" button will be in the top right corner if you are on the same network as your raspberry pi. If you do not find the button, you can find a guide here. When you are in OctoPrint, go to "Control" where the camera feed lives.

No image in OctoPrint

  • Restart
    • If you do not see an image in OctoPrint, it may be because your raspberry has not captured the camera. After setting up your camera, restart the raspberry. This applies to both the use of the original raspberry cam and USB webcams.
  • Bad cable
    • The original raspberry cams have a very thin and therefore fragile cable which can easily be damaged to a point where it will no longer work. If it’s severely bent or gets a nodge on the edge, it may not be registered correctly by the raspberry.
  • Camera is not compatible
    • There are several older USB webcams that do not come with drivers built into the webcam and must therefore be installed manually. Since you can not count on the camera manufacturer to have a driver that can be installed on your raspberry, you are encouraged to find a newer camera.

There is image in OctoPrint but not SimplyPrint

If the camera snapshot URL has been changed inside the OctoPrint settings, SimplyPrint's server will not know where to find the images and it will therefore not be able to appear in the SimplyPrint interface. This URL must have been changed by the user and should not have been changed in any other way. If you have changed the URL you should find a "reset" button inside the settings that restores the old settings.