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Filament | SimplyPrint docs


Filament is a big part of 3D printing. Many people have multiple spools lying around with different settings to remember or write down. We have tried to make that part of 3D printing as easy as possible. In addition, it is always a bit annoying to have to change filament but we have also tried to make that as easy as it possibly can be.

Filament system

SimplyPrint has a built-in filament system where you can keep track of how many spools, colors, and how much you have left on those spools with an easy overview. When you print through the SimplyPrint panel, the system knows exactly the spool you have on your printer and how much filament your print uses of that roll. Under "filament" in the sidebar, you can see all the spools you have and it is stated how much you have left on a given spool in percent.

You can create spools by clicking on the small plus sign in the upper left corner. Here you can then write the name of the manufacturer and the color of the filament as well as choose a color to recognize the roll later. (If the color you want is not there, you can click on the question mark  and select the specific color)

Below the colors, you will find a dropdown with different filament types along with the density and thickness. Under "Total filament" you write how much filament is on the spool from the start and under that, how much filament is left (This makes it so you can add spools that have been in use before you added it to SimplyPrint). You can add a note to your filament for your own later use as well. Finally, temperature and print speed can be edited to your preferences. (These last settings will only be used when using the SimplyPrint slicer and have no effect on print prepared in other slicers).

Once the spool is added to your collection you will be able to hover the mouse over the spool and a 4 character code will appear in the upper left corner of its card. This code can be written on the spool using masking tape, sticky note, or similar. This makes it easier to identify the spool later, should you acquire several of the same make and color.

Change filament

The "Change Filament" function is located in the dropdown under the gear on the printer you wish to change filament on. If you have the “free” plan, you can choose “Manual change” here. You will have the option to warm up the printer and select the new spool you want to switch to. If you have the “advanced” plan, you have the option of choosing “automatic change”. Here, your printer will first heat up, then pull out the filament, and from there waiting for you to select the new spool you want to switch to. You then push the tip of the filament through the extruder and click "push filament in" and SimplyPrint will take care of the rest. When you are satisfied with the change, you can press "done".