Find the Raspberry Pi for you

If you are in doubt about which Raspberry Pi to use and where to find it, there is a guide to it right here.

You will need:

  • A Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB (2 gigabyte) version
  • An official Raspberry Pi 4 power supply
  • A minimum of 8 GB (8 gigabytes) of micro SD card

(These items are often available in a complete starter kit so you do not have to assemble the various parts for your basket yourself.)

You can also buy a Pi 3B or 3B+ but the easiest and most future-proof to buy a Raspberry Pi 4B. They are also typically the cheapest from the official retailers.

If you want to buy your Pi from a local retailer, you can use google to find stores that sell them. Search for “Buy Raspberry Pi”. You can add your city to the search so you can get local results.

You can also order it online. If you want to find the webshop that is closest to you for fast delivery, you can find a helpful tool for just this at the following link:

Select your country on the left side of the screen and you will then be presented with the shops you can buy from.