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Send Gcode

Gcode is the building blocks of a well-functioning 3D printer. This is the code that tells the printer what to do. Usually, the code itself is used only for the Gcode file your slicer makes. If you have ever tried to open a Gcode file in a text editing program you should see a lot of letters followed by some numbers. This code tells the printer where to move in 3D coordinates.

However, there are some commands that can sometimes be useful to send manually by typing them yourself. If you want your printer to warm up and subsequently run in circles and end up with home all axes, the code would look like this:

M104 S190; Heating the nozzle to 190 degrees
G02 I20; Printer goes in a 40 mm diameter circle
G28; Home

In your control panel of your printer you can find the icon that looks like this:. Here you can send Gcode commands to your printer. In the future, users of the advanced plan will have access to a live console where all communication between the printer and Raspberry Pi will be forwarded to your SimplyPrint panel.