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SimplyPrint vs. OctoPrint | SimplyPrint docs

SimplyPrint vs. OctoPrint

SimplyPrint and Octoprint share many of the same features in terms of control, homing, video surveillance and start / stop of print jobs. Much of the inspiration for SimplyPrint comes from OctoPrint as the platform uses OctoPrint to communicate with the printer. We at SimplyPrint work with the developer of OctoPrint to ensure that communication always works as it should.

What SimplyPrint does differently is that you know all the things no matter where you are on the planet. If you have an internet connection, you have control over your printer. Even at home, SimplyPrint is an incredibly useful tool as the platform knows your printer and can analyze files so you can not start files that are damaged or otherwise will not print properly.

In addition, SimplyPrint has a lot of features that are constantly updated and further developed such as auto filament change function, built-in slicer, filament tracking system, bed leveling guide and file storage. More features are often added, giving the platform more value with each update.